Covenant Brothers

ALWF's group of faith-filled and committed men. As the bible says iron sharpens iron, these men are here to edify, build, mentor and hold each other accountable. Fun isn't excluded, they plan fun activities, trips and are even known to throw a great Super Bowl party! They also help out with church events and provide mentoring to the teenage boys of the church. Covenant brothers meet on the 1st Saturday of every month.

Masters Vessels

Master's Vessels are the women's group of the church. Women of wisdom, compassion and many skills who meet regularly to fellowship in the word, volunteer or just have a good time. As a group, they help in organizing some church events and have organized outreach and voluteer efforts around the community. They also provide mentoring for the younger ladies of the church.


Oh No! Generation

ALWF's ministry for teens aged 13-18 that have vowed to stand for Christ amongst their peers and in the community. Our purpose is to impact these youth in understanding their divine purpose by teaching them the word of God in a way they can relate to. By simply saying Oh No!, our youth refuse to succumb to the negativity of today's society but embrace their true identity that they are "fearfully and wonderfully made"; and by grace were created, called and chosen for God's Kingdom (1 Peter 2:9). If you're a teen looking for wholesome fun, spiritual growth, leadership training, mentorship or a place to meet teens on fire for God, the Oh No! generation youth group is the place for you.